At Charter Tax we aim to encourage an independent, strong, diverse and effective working environment within our firm, and in our professional dealings with clients and other third parties. 

As a firm licensed to carry out probate and estate administration work, we are required by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) to carry out a diversity survey every two years and to report and publish the findings.

Our latest diversity report shows that we are a youthful firm with 70% of employees below the age of 45, with a gender split of 55% female to 45% male. We have a highly qualified workforce, with 33% of staff being ICAEW or other chartered accountants and 27% being Chartered Tax Advisors (CTAs) and/or Trusts and Estates Practitioners (TEPs).

We are satisfied with the results of the survey and are committed to the continual monitoring of our diversity data.

Age of Employees
Split of male/female employees
Professional qualifications

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