Many of the clients that now we regularly look after came to us in the first place because of our international expertise.   Be it a wealthy non-dom wishing to establish a business in the UK, a US parent wishing to set up a UK subsidiary, or a UK company wishing to expand abroad, we can help.

The world really is a small place these days and many businesses in the UK with a good idea will want to trade internationally;  just as many international businesses will want to establish a foothold in the UK.

In many ways, an international business wishing to set up in the UK will be a start-up, with all the related issues; but an international business will have further considerations.   Likewise, a UK business wishing to trade internationally will need to ensure that it is familiar with such additional international issues, as well as understand in detail the local tax issues for the countries in which they wish to trade. Such issues include:

  • Transfer pricing – is your international group properly structured to both stay within the international transfer pricing requirements but also still be efficiently structured?
  • Internationally mobile executives – looking after key executives for any expanding business cannot be underestimated and part of this is getting their tax issues right for them.
  • Withholding tax – application of withholding tax to different categories of income may mean that you need to consider a structuring solution so that irrecoverable withholding tax does not occur.
  • International financing – international growth almost always requires international financing and how to structure this will be key.
  • International VAT/ sales tax issues – if you thought VAT was complex trading domestically, wait until you trade internationally! – but don’t worry, we can tell you what you need to know!

Here at Charter Tax we have the depth and breadth of experience to help you with these issues.   While we are not part of a formal international network, our years of practice in this area have given us on the ground experience of working with other advisory firms in many different countries who we can put you in touch with and together as team with, to make sure you get the right advice.

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