29th October 2018 Featured Post

Autumn Budget: 29 October 2018 Client Summary Note Introduction Spreadsheet Phil was in good form in his (hour and fifteen minute long) speech today [29 October 2018].  Indeed, one wonders if he has secret aspirations to be a stand-up comic.  However, when he presents a Budget as relatively benign as this one, we can probably […]

22nd October 2018 Featured Post

Background HMRC is bringing in its Making Tax Digital (MTD) regime, which will ultimately require taxpayers to move to a fully digital tax system. Regulations have been issued which set out requirements for MTD for VAT. Under the new rules, businesses with a turnover above the VAT threshold (currently £85,000) must keep digital records for […]

17th September 2018

Taxpayers with overseas assets: What you need to know Time is running short for taxpayers with overseas interests to ensure they are meeting their UK tax obligations. Under the new rules – which come into effect on 30 September – those with offshore assets such as holiday homes may incur costly penalties if they aren’t […]

30th May 2018

100 word speed read The Treasury Sub-Committee has launched a call for evidence on the powers given to HMRC in the last five years to tackle tax evasion and tax avoidance schemes, and is inviting responses by 31 May and readers are encouraged to provide feedback to the questions posed. A review of the measures […]

13th March 2018

Tax changes taking effect from 6 April 2018 As we approach the end of the current tax year and the start of a new one, we have set out below a few tax year end planning suggestions as well as a reminder of the various tax changes taking effect from 6 April 2018. As always, […]

13th March 2018

HMRC Tax Consultations Following today’s [13 March 2018] Spring Statement, we have summarised below the key new HMRC tax consultations that are being run: Allowing Entrepreneurs’ Relief on gains before dilution HMRC today published a consultation on allowing Entrepreneurs’ Relief where an individual’s required 5% stake in the company is diluted due to the company […]

13th March 2018

Talking with Janet Pierce from Charter Tax   Can you share a practical tip on a tax issue in any of your specialisms? Assume that if it can go wrong, it will go wrong!? That may be a life outlook as much as a tax tip but I so often see good tax planning go […]

6th March 2018

The impact of VAT on your horse expenditure/income So, we get pretty used to paying VAT on most things, don’t we? But have you ever given much thought to the impact of VAT on your horse expenditure (or income)? You may well be aware that the basic starting point for VAT is that once a […]

26th February 2018 Featured Post

Higher penalties for unpaid tax relating to overseas assets Taxpayers who know or suspect that they have unpaid tax relating to overseas assets, income or activities need to act before 30 September 2018 to avoid incurring much higher penalties for their non-compliance. HMRC’s “Requirement to Correct” (RTC) obliges taxpayers to make a disclosure of unpaid […]

20th December 2017

Sometimes I think Del Boy had it right …… cash Rodders, cash. Indeed, horse trading – and a lot of horse activities generally – are one of the few places left in society where cash transactions are still pretty common. Now, I like cash as much as the next person – as it fleetingly passes […]

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