As of October 2017, Charter Tax is a Xero approved partner.

Xero is an online accounting software that’s designed to make life easier for small businesses. It enables employees to work in real time with their accountant from any device and any location, sending invoices, creating expense reports and reducing manual data entry. There’s no software to install and its easy setup process makes it highly accessible.

Cloud accounting software is revolutionising the way many businesses work. It offers a comprehensive overview of your finances, aids collaboration within your team, and makes accounting processes faster and more efficient. As such, you and your accountant can see the same, up to date numbers, in real time.

Advantages Of Xero

Advantages of Xero’s online accounting software include:

  • Fast reconciliation of bank transactions
  • Easy-to-manage paper trails
  • Automated daily feeds of transactions
  • Real-time cash flow information
  • Online invoicing
  • Free support

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