No-one wants to receive a knock at the door, or an unwanted letter from the tax man. However, if that happens, you’ll need an advisor that can help guide you through the process, to make sure that it is concluded in as pain free a way as possible.   That’s where we come in.

These days, the level of data sharing between Revenue authorities internationally – as well as across government departments in the UK – means that you can more or less assume that if the information is out there, HMRC will have it.  The world has changed, and the penalties for non-compliance are there to encourage a re-think among anyone that thought otherwise!

However, that’s not to say that HMRC always get it right. They may have partial information and have then made assumptions. We’ve also seen cases in the past where computer errors have meant that HMRC simply have the wrong information. Complex international situations may also mean that assessments should not be drawn up without the benefit of the full information (which HMRC may not have correctly gleaned).

We therefore work with you to properly understand the situation, and then agree with you how best to present that to HMRC.  We’re on your side.

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