Charter Tax, which has offices in Goudhurst, Kent, and London, has recently become licenced to carry out probate and estate administration work. The firm’s team includes both chartered accountants and chartered tax advisers, so a client can be confident that the firm has the specialist knowledge required to handle the tax affairs of the deceased and their estate.

Probate and estate administration is the financial and legal process that takes place after someone has died. It ensures that all taxes are collected, debts are paid to creditors and gathered in from debtors, and that the remaining assets of the estate are distributed to the beneficiaries correctly. It is a process which can be completed by an individual, but it can be a time-consuming and, at times, complex process.

“Probate and estate administration is largely an accounting and taxation exercise and we recognised that this is where our experience and knowledge is an advantage – so launching a probate service seemed a logical step,” says Mark Howard, Principal at Charter Tax. “Our understanding of financial documents, particularly when it comes to calculating inheritance tax, income tax and capital gains tax, means we can carry out the probate and estate administration work quickly and efficiently.”

Charter Tax is offering its new service to both existing clients and new clients.

“Where the deceased was an existing client, we will already know a lot about their financial circumstances and have a good understanding of their background and family situation,” says Mark. “This knowledge will help to simplify the probate and estate administration process, potentially saving time and money when preparing the necessary paperwork for the Probate Office and HMRC.”

He continues: “When the deceased was not an existing client, we are happy to work with their existing accountant, if they are not licenced, to provide probate services, to obtain the necessary financial and legal information required to deal with the probate and estate administration work.”

An added advantage is that, as a chartered accountancy firm, Charter Tax is also able to advise on a client’s future tax position and assist with any tax planning and tax compliance that may be required.

“We understand that losing a loved one is a stressful and emotional time,” says Jane Hodge, Client Tax Manager at Charter Tax. “You can be confident that we will provide a compassionate, confidential and personal service, taking as much of the administrative burden away from you as possible.”

Charter Tax offers an initial discussion, at no cost, about how it can help. Please contact Mark Howard at or Jane Hodge at or call on tel: 01580 313108.

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